Keo tản nhiệt Halnziye HY610 Thermal Grease 30g

Ngừng kinh doanh

  • EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE: HY610 is a Gold based Thermal compound typically used for CPU heat transfers as well as for a wide range of products including UPS, transformers and regulators, Routers and modems, LED Lights, Sky Boxes etc. and LCD TV’s.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: HY610 tends to form a thinner layer between CPU & Heat sink than other greases and even under low pressure – so is ideal for superior heat transfers of heat-pipe direct contact or heat-pipe direct touch CPU coolers.
  • SAFE APPLICATION: Compliance with RoHS, REACH, PFOS requirements.
  • HIGH DURABILITY: Excellent for both thermal conductivity with a low heat resistance and for maintaining a durable paste like state. Plus for it’s wide temperature range (-55 ~ 300 c) HY610 is a sensible choice in the use of all dielectric devices and materials.
  • EASY TO APPLY: Syringe tube application and spreading tool allow ease of use, even for beginners.